Conclusion and Dedications


When I finish reading a book, normally, I happen to close my eyes and think. I think, also only for a moment, if me liked the book, Why I liked it, and what it transmitted to me.
I would like that the reader finished reading my book, ponder, as is right, if you liked it or not my book; but I would want that his thought, the thought of the reader, wanders over for a moment and ask himself facing to the story just read:

But I, What a future desire for this world?
In a Fantasy book there’s often a struggle between two worlds:
between Good and Evil.
Which of these two worlds I want to take sides?
What kind of world I want for my son? Or for all the children of the world?
For children's children and again the children of all humanity?

It would be wonderful to be able to get from my book, as well as a nice story, a moment of simple weighting.

I dedicate this book to my mother, who has dedicated with love and devotion throughout his life to his family. To my Father, upright person, who has been able transmit to me many healthy principles in whom believe. Their memory warms my heart in the days of solitude.
I dedicate, in this my book, a thought also to Sister Carla. Great animator of Dominic Savio Salesian Oratory, oratory also called Michael Rua or Monterosa, where I spent my childhood and adolescence in the years 1970/1982; person full of energy and completely dedicated, along with the other nuns of the female oratory , to youth and various oratorians entertainments. She coordinated competently the many activities and categories of youth sector famele relating to Volleyball, Basketball, Skating, weekend outings, guitar lessons and some good meditative retreat to, over that to relieve joyful spirit, do grow the heart and the head.
Thanks nun Carla, in many moments of difficulty encountered in the course of my life, I found strength and comfort in so many of your teachings.

To my children, that I love immensely,

I dedicate a lot more than just a book,
I dedicate they every moment,
every breath of my life.